Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some of my lately reads

So throughout the holidays and the New Year I had a lot of reading time. Here's what I've been reading lately (December + January):

One Day  |****|
I've read this one right on Christmas break, it took me almost 3 days, I think. 
- It was catchy.
- Well written: with all those details about their story, their lives. 
- I especially loved how the writer follows them over a long period of time - every year on the same day (July 15th) and the meaning July 15th has for them. You can easily see the progression/regression of the characters (complex characters).
- A complicated story with a sad ending - I was actually angry about the ending. Even thought I'm not one desperate for a happy ending, I felt like these two deserved it. 

Never Let Me Go |**** and a half|
I saw the movie a couple of years ago and loved it. And now felt a compulsion to read the book, not exactly sure why. But I'm glad I did. 
- I especially loved the 1st person narration, made me feel involved in a conversation about memories. 
- Also, I loved the way Kathy remembered mostly feelings, they way she expressed them, the theories she, Ruth & Tommy made up in order to make sense of their world and their lives. 
- Probably my favorite thing about the book was the end of it - where the tone was mellow and undramatic about their discoveries regarding Hailsham, the Gallery, the deferrals (right at the end, after their conversation with Miss Emily & Madame). For me it seemed quite realistic (to the way they were brought up, to their education) as if they might have known it all along deep inside on an unconscious level, but they chose to believe in a dream, a hopeful one. 

This was suggested to me by my friend, knowing my love about dramatic and psychological stories like these. Plus, me being a big fan of the Survivor show made this read a really enjoyable one. I read it in romanian to make sure I would get the whole story right. 
It was really good! It seemed to me like a Survivor show Kid's edition + a bit more drama. 
I really loved observing all the psychological implications of living together on that island: 
- The society they tried to build, 
- The way they tried to anticipate what the adults would do in specific situations,
- The leader issues, the rules, so many things.