Monday, October 8, 2012

The River by Michael Neale

The River is about young Gabriel Clarke, about his journey to maturity, the process of finding himself and the place he belongs to.

To be honest I was disappointed in the book. I guess I expected much more than what I actually got from it. The book is a metaphor between The River and God, but the thing is there is nothing about God or the Bible in it. It's just something that you eventually pick up while reading the book. 

The story in itself I quite enjoyed. Even though the plot was a bit predictable at the beginning, the end surprised me, though. It is an easy read, but if you’re not familiar with kayaking and other similar sports you might find it a bit hard to understand at some points.

All in all it was a good book, but I wasn’t impressed.

Here's the book trailer:

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  1. You raise an interesting question with your review. You seem to be saying that if a book doesn't mention God explicitly, then it's not about God? Have you ever read C.S. Lewis' classic series The Chronicles of Narnia? They don't mention God or Jesus but they are definitely Christian, and certainly are about Jesus, even if they don't mention him by name. I believe that to say there is "nothing about God" in The River is to misunderstand it.

    1. I appreciate you took the time to read my review. The thing is, I was asked to give an honest review of the book and that's exactly what I did.
      I am familiar with C.S.Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, although I believe The River is different.
      I do realize the fact that The River is a metaphor of God but what I wanted to point out in my review was the concern that a Christian reader may pick up on this metaphor but maybe for a Non-Christian reader The River will be just a novel about Gabriel Clark and the process of finding himself and the place he belongs to.

  2. I felt the same way. There was so much potential for incorporating God and Scripture in this story. I kind of thought I missed something. I too was dissappointed.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Amy.